Native Rituals Skincare Review



I stumbled across this company through Instagram and loved the look of their products. Their packaging is simple and adds to the earthy, natural vibe that they promote. I love that Native Rituals caters for both men and women, making the perfect gift or individual purchase for a wide range of customers.

All products are full of organic ingredients that benefit the skin, and everything is made right here in New Zealand. If you’re looking for luxury skincare that is high quality and great for your skin, I definitely recommend Native Rituals. I already have my eye on their Face Oil and Body Butter !

Below I have reviewed each product that I purchased from Native Rituals which can be purchased here.



First of all, this jar is bigger than I thought it would be! 410 grams of organic goodness. My favourite ingredients would have to be the kaolin clay and the coconut milk. There’s nothing I love more than the tropical scent of coconut. The coconut milk bath leaves my skin feeling so smooth and moisturised, my muscles feel relaxed and I love that the bath water has a creamy feel to really does feel like you’re soaking in milk!

On the back of the jar, the instructions recommend that you soak in the whole contents of the container for 30 minutes, but I only used a cup full and soaked for 15 minutes (mum of two over here), and I found that I got the same benefits. This is a truly luxurious product, and I will definitely be saving this for pamper nights.



I have been using this hydrating makeup fix spray to set my makeup and freshen up throughout the day. Like most natural products, this spray has a strong scent to it that fades a few minutes after application. I love that it leaves my skin looking dewy and glowing, and also helps sets powders in place. You can use this hydrating spray in your skincare regime as well as your beauty regime, and there is an awesome blog that covers its many uses here. A new favourite in my makeup bag, I have been taking this with me everywhere!










I bought this shaving cream for my partners birthday and he loves it! It claims to prevent redness and irritation and from what I’ve seen, it definitely does this. There is a strong scent of tea tree oil, and if you don’t mind that then this is perfect for those with sensitive skin.



4 thoughts on “Native Rituals Skincare Review

    1. They are definitely worth trying and there’s a little mini kit you can get too so you can try their range before you buy ☺️


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