My body and I- Part 1

My son is just over 7 months old now, and I have STRUGGLED to lose the last bit of baby weight. I ran dry in the milk department 2 months ago and was continuing to eat like a starved breastfeeding woman.. Carb overloads and all πŸ˜…. I knew that the first thing that needed to change was my diet! 

I have been told by many that I look “healthier” now, or that I look great with a bit of weight on.. But I’m looking in the mirror each morning and seeing things that I want to improve on personally. I enjoy being fit, and I love seeing results. We all have our own body goals, I’m aiming for my personal best. Healthy body, healthy mind πŸ˜‰  xx

The diet: Over the past week and a half I’ve cut out starchy carbs and sugars. I’ve kept my diet pretty clean and have added more protein into my meals to fill me up for longer throughout the day.

The thing I really struggled with was to come up with meal ideas that are quick and easy, and can be prepared in minutes. Below are some meal and snack ideas that I’ve been loving. I crave bread like craazy and I found that cucumber sandwhiches did a great job to satisfy those cravings πŸ˜….

From left to right: Overnight chia with banana, Avocado and tomato on whole meal crackers, Pizza on spinach wraps, Clean nachos, Cucumber samdwhiches with feta and tuna, Quick chicken salad, Home made pork mince burgers on lettuce cups, Roast vege and tuna spinach wraps, “Banana bread” smoothie (my new smoothie obsession, the recipe can be found on Pinterest).

I found that roasting a tray of Veges while cooking dinner was the best way to get a few days worth of Veges for quick wraps and salads during the week, also cutting up all my Salad Veges and storing them in containers saved me a lot of time in the morning when preparing my meals for the day. Meal planning before writing the grocery list is also a key part of staying on track with healthy eating! I usually do this just before I go to bed at night and then head to the supermarket in the morning with my list.

Another huge craving of mine is chocolate, and a HUGE help in that department has been OMG Tea. I will have a review up of this soon, but after a month of drinking the chocolate tea, I don’t get cravings at all.. I don’t even really like chocolate any more (coming from a chocoholic that’s major!).
The body: Along with a change of diet, I’ve also been doing a bit of cardio in the morning and toning exercises at night. I have so much more energy after I’ve exercised and have noticed the difference it has made to my body already. Here is a progress pic, the first was taken last Monday morning and the second photo was taken this morning. 


I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you have any helpful advice, tips, favourite meal ideas etc then comment below. I would love to hear them 😘 xo 


2 thoughts on “My body and I- Part 1

  1. Loved this post. You can totally see the difference already! I’ve been clean eating as much as I can the past few weeks (travel fat, joy) and have noticed that the meal prep goes a long way in helping stay on track. I’ve hit school holidays here and already am struggling without my prep-routine. If I haven’t prepped for my healthy eating I just have no self control and will eat all the carbs πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks Charyl!
      Meal prep is so important but also hard if you don’t have much timeπŸ˜…. The day before shopping is always the worst as all the healthy food has run out haha


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