Pineapple Heads- No baddies allowed! 

As a mum, I’m always looking for natural products that are child friendly. The Pineapple Heads range ticks all the boxes when it comes to skin and hair care! Not only is everything made from natural ingredients, but each product smells amazing.. The kids leave the bath smelling like tropical fruit and lollies 😁.
Products that are available in this range include : Shampoo, conditioner, detangler, bodywash, bubble bath, sleepy head bubble bath, hair gel, hair wax and a cute little bed time story.

Not only am I a sucker for cute packaging, but I also love anything that smells eatable! In this post I will do a quick review on two products that I have been using over the past 5 weeks, how they have worked for us and what we love about them.

Devo Body Wash 

– Smells like Mango and Papaya (or as my daughter would say- LOLLIES!).

– Doesn’t lather up too much, and you only need a small amount at a time.

– Gentle on the eyes

– Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

– Prevents rashes and irritation, great for sensitive skin!

– Cleans everything quickly and easily..especially things like paint and felt markers (no need for scrubbing here!).

– Retails at $16.99 (NZD) for 375ml.

Peaches Conditioner 

-Has a yummy lemon scent.

-Leaves hair feeling super smooth and smelling delicious.

– Gets rid of knots and makes brushing easier after bath time.

– Great for sensitive scalps and helps prevent itching.

– Makes your hair feel like “mermaid hair” (wise words from a 3 year old).

– Retails at $15.95 (NZD) for 250ml.

Overall Opinion 

All together, I paid $38.40 (including shipping) for the bodywash and conditioner and felt this was quite a lot to pay for two products! But after 5 weeks of using these, there’s still loads of product left, my daughters skin no longer gets itchy and irritated and the kids always smell so delicious after every bath. Compared to other natural brands like eco store, I find that you get a generous amount of product in each container,and end up saving money as you’re using less product.

If your children have sensitive skin, or you are wanting a more natural range of skin care and hair care, I would highly recommend Pineapple Heads! You can order online from



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