Engagement Party on a Budget

Cake topper from lovefromseventeen, Napkins from Poproc Parties and Flowers from The Warehouse.

A few weeks ago, my partner and I had our engagement party with close friends. After getting engaged in December, we knew straight away that we wanted to have  a low-cost party with all of our friends,  we definitely wanted to hire a venue and a kick ass cake was a MUST HAVE.

All together we spent $408 for our party. We had an amazing time with our friends, the venue was perfect for us and took a lot of the stress away from planning and organising everything. Budget and time management are always big stress factors for me, and for this party I really wanted to relax as much as possible.  Below I will share some tips on how we kept costs (and stress levels) down and what helped us stay on track with our budget.

  1. PLAN:  First, decide who you will be inviting to your party and how much you are wanting to spend. We wanted to invite the “younger” members of our family and our close friends (Sorry Fam !), this was because we really just wanted to have a big rave with everyone :D. We also didn’t want to spend anymore than $450 including venue hire.
  2. SHOP AROUND: If you are planning a party in advance, its always good to shop around or purchase specific items you are wanting when they are on sale. I grabbed our napkins from here and cake topper from here when they had sales on as I knew these were things I already wanted when planning our party. We also paid for things bit by bit so that it didn’t feel as though we had spent that much in the end!
  3. INVITES: We invited everyone through Facebook, it was free and also made it easy to manage who was coming, share information and remind everyone of our event. We gave a few weeks notice so that everyone had time to RSVP, and give us a fair idea ofhow many people would be attending etc. There are also loads of ideas for personal invites online (by that, I mean Pinterest) if sending out invitations is what you prefer.
  4. VENUE: Look around and see what venues best suit your budget, and what deals are on offer as well. We weren’t fussed about decorating the venue and just wanted something nice and simple . We had our engagement party at our local sports club. Drinks were discounted and we signed up to become members, meaning we only paid $70 to join and hire the venue. We also paid to hire two bar staff for the night which came to $195 for 4 hours.
  5. FOOD: Provide snacks and easy to prepare foods instead of a meal. We provided cake, snacks and pizzas to keep everyone fed and happy.. and we also knew that realistically everyone would want to drink rather than eat.
  6. FAMILY & FRIENDS : Say YES to offers of help. We had some amazing family and friends who offered to help. My sister in law made our AMAZING cake, my wonderful friend did my makeup, and we had plenty of helping hands through out the night.
  7. OVERALL : Enjoy yourself and have fun! Everyone is at your party to celebrate with YOU the host, they’re not going to be bothered with how many balloons you have hanging up, and what you did or didn’t provide etc. Host an event that is as stress free as possible xx


Our stunning cake! I found inspo for this on pinterest.


Glam Makeup by @facesbypilky


Dress from Glassons, Shoes from The Iconic



Managed to grab Fiancé for a quick photo that night 😀
End of the night group photo


GIVEAWAY !! I am doing a giveaway of $30 store credit  from lovefromseventeen . Head over to my Facebook or Instagram  for more information xx


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