Little Big Crate Review

Little Big Crate 
What is it?

Little Big Crate is an NZ based service that sources locally made products, picks out 8 items of children’s clothing/accessories for your child and then sends it off to you. (They pick what is best suited for your child by going off a survey you fill out when signing up). You only need to keep and pay for what you want, and then send back the rest in the postage bag that is provided in your crate. If you want more info on Little Big Crate, you can find it Here

Our experience with Little Big Crate..

I chose to sign up to Little Big Crate because 

1. We live in a small town , 2. I have two children under 5 (shopping with them is a nightmare πŸ˜…)  and 3. I struggle to find clothes for my son that I like. 

We received our first delivery from Little Big Crate last week and I had a hard time choosing which items I wanted to keep! I had a set budget in mind and this helped me pick 3 items that have been getting a LOT of wear since their purchase! Little Big Crate managed to source so many items from a range of local, small business.. Most of them I hadn’t heard of before! I was really impressed with this, and was also impressed with the amazing quality of each garment 😍.
What we got..

In our crate we got the following:


Mamoo & Lou Merino fold and grow pants, ETC Handmade Monster T-Shirt and Little Lane Co Black and white soft soled shoes.
Two Tykes Organic Sleeved onesie and Ruby Lou Teepee Romper.
Thomaspie Quilted vest, Blush Baby Boutique Sherpa Hat and Babysteps Boutique Organic monster leggings.
What we chose..

It was a VERY hard decision to only pick 3 items, and I may have gone a tiny bit over my intended budget.. But I am so happy with what we chose! We decided on the Thomaspie quilted vest, Baby Steps monster tights, and the Blush Baby boutique Sherpa hat (Picture above).

What we loved about this service..

Customer service has been FANTASTIC, and I love that I could email back and forth with any questions or queries I had. 

My favourite part of this crate is that the items we got are all handmade by small business owners, and a lot of the items were one-offs made only for Little Big Crate! Each small business can be found via Facebook and Instagram.

At the moment Little Big Crate is currently closed for new customers, but will be re-opening for more sign ups soon so make sure to keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook! We will definitely be signing up for another crate πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. 

Here are a few snaps of my boy in our Little Big Crate purchases.. We haven’t yet managed a snap of him in his Monster leggings 😁.



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