Tailor Skincare- My top 3 must haves!


A few weeks ago, I was sent a pack of Tailor minis to try out. The mini pack had the dry cleanse, oil cleanse, hydrate,  moisturizer, balm and the Tailor Masque. I am a long time fan of Tailor Skincare and have purchased their products a few times. I love that everything is made from natural ingredients, and also made right here in New Zealand! The mini packs are a great way to try out each product if you’re new to the Tailor skincare range, and are also great for travelling. As a mother of two, I like to buy good quality products that will last a while. Tailor skin care is quite pricey, but the quality speaks for itself and each product lasts a lot longer than similar products available in supermarkets. Below I will share my top 3 faves and why they are a must have in anyone’s skincare routine.

  1. First up is the Oil Cleanse. The oil cleanse is great for removing makeup and dirt that can get trapped in our skin and pores. This by far is the best oil cleanse that I have used for removing stubborn waterproof mascara, while still being gentle on the eyes. I also really love the smell of this and would recommend this as the first product to try if you haven’t tried tailor skincare before! It doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and is easily removed using a warm face cloth.
  2. Next is the Dry Cleanse. What I love about the dry cleanse is that it can be used every day without leaving your skin dry like an exfoliator normally would. The magic in this product is the betonite clay, and I find that it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. I can’t even explain in words the different kind of “Clean” this product gives my skin, but it does really feel so clear and almost brand new again. My pores have been noticeably smaller as well, which is always something I struggle with skin wise.
  3. The last favourite is the moisturiser.  It’s light, smells great and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. You only need a small amount of this moisturiser so it lasts quite a while. I also love how easy it is to scoop every last drop of moisturiser out of the container!

The packaging of each product is gorgeous. If you are wanting to try Tailor Skincare but don’t know where to start, then these 3 products are what I would recommend trying first. I have oily skin with a few dry patches and these 3 products suit my skin perfectly, they also haven’t caused any breakouts that can usually occur when trying new skincare. Next on my list to try is the new Tailor Serum! You can buy Tailor Skincare from  here. I hope you love these products as much as I do!

xo Kristelle






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