Who needs friends when you have social media?- Our life on Instagram

Social Media is becoming such an influential platform for EVERYTHING these days. There’s no limit to what you can search for, read about or be inspired by. While there might be a few heavy negatives to social media, there are many positives to it as well. Social communication may lack in real life, but online we communicate so much more, and we have the ability to interact with anyone from around the world! I’m obsessed with Instagram, and have made some amazing friends through those little squares. One girl I met on Instagram is now such a good friend of mine that I’m going to be her bridesmaid next year ! The Instagram community is such an inspiring and uplifting community, you never truly feel alone when you have so many others who can relate to your life, and what you might be going through. Having a virtual world of friends can be quite comforting to many who find it hard to socialize in real life. For me, Instagram has been a great way to connect with and be inspired by other mamas. I’m inspired by their beautiful photos, kind words and thoughtful posts. Below I have listed some favorites, you can also find more of my faves Here .

  1. Single Mum Diaries
  2. Kiwi Whitby
  3. Little Hepburn
  4. The Urban Hunter NZ
  5. The Culture Of Grace
  6. Lets Stay Home
  7. Happy Mum Child
  8. Kaitlin Chapman

Who do you Love to follow on Social Media, and how does social media affect you?

Xx Kristelle



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