Skin Care Secrets

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When it comes to skincare I look for affordable, natural products that will work for my skin type. I have oily to normal skin and have the odd break out during that time of the month. As a mother of 2, I barely get more than 5 minutes in the shower and so I like my skincare routine to be quick and simple, but also effective. My Favourite brand is Skin Food because it is so affordable, can be found at the Super Market and is made from natural ingredients! Below I will share some of my must haves in my skincare routine.


LUSH Angel’s on bare skin cleanser :I use this cleanser every day, and I love how soft and clean it makes my skin feel afterwards. It has fresh lavender inside and smells so good! It retails for $19.50nz and lasts me 2-3 months. I find if I don’t use this cleanser, my pores are so much more noticeable and my skin just doesn’t have the same glow to it. Definitely cant live without this one.

LUSH Dark angels cleanser: I use this cleanser every second day and find it gets deep down into my pores, keeps breakouts at bay and gets rid of any whiteheads or blackheads that can get trapped under the skin. I also love using this after removing makeup as it makes sure to get rid of ALL the makeup. The only thing I don’t love about this cleanser is that if I use too much it is super hard to remove. Sometimes I get out of the shower with black marks on my face. You really only need the TINIEST amount. This cleanser also retails for $19.50nz and lasts me around 4-5 months.


I love to use oils on my face instead of moisturiser as I find they are just as, if not more effective than a regular moisturiser. They keep my skin from looking oily during the day and also hydrate my skin during winter when it can get a bit dry.

Skin Food Coconut oil is hands down my FAVOURITE moisturiser. I use this every morning and it creates a smooth base for my makeup.. On days I don’t wear makeup it leaves my skin looking radiant and glowing and not at all oily. It’s also really affordable, retailing at only $23.99nz, You only need a tiny amount of this oil and it lasts such a long time as well.

Skin Food Organic Rose Hip Oil is another great oil that has plenty of great uses. It’s a bit thicker than the coconut oil and retails for $23.99nz. I use this on my stretch marks, on my face at night and on my nails. This oil also claims to be effective for fine lines and wrinkles and I like to use it under my eyes to keep them hydrated.


Skin Food Nourishing Moisturiser :If you’re not a fan of oils, this moisturiser is a great alternative. It’s one of my favorites that I used daily before the SkinFood brand came out with their rosehip and coconut oils. I love that every time I used it , It felt like I had just given my skin a drink of water. Super hydrating and also keeps your brows in place! (bonus for those makeup free days).


Skin Food Mud Masque : Again, another goodie from Skin Food! It’s easy to apply, quick to use and doesn’t get all messy like some masks can. I love that you can see just how much gunk is coming out of your pores when you use this mask. It also leaves your skin feeling moisturized and clean afterwards. This retails for only $13.99nz and is sometimes hard to find at the supermarket, but can be ordered online from the link above.

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty : This mask smells like peppermint and gives your skin a deep clean, leaving it fresh and glowing afterwards (I’m all about that natural glow!).This retails for $19.50, and would have to be my favorite facemask because it keeps breakouts from popping up, and minimizes my pores. The only thing I struggle with is using this often enough before it passes it’s use by date. Its made from fresh, natural ingredients so the shelf life isn’t as long as other facemasks out there..and as much as I would love to facemask once a week, in reality it can be once a fortnight if I’m lucky !

What products are “must haves ” in your skin care routine ?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Xx Kristelle






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