Capsule wardrobe for beginners- Where to start.

At the beginning of Summer I decided to create a capsule wardrobe. I had way too many clothes in my closet that weren’t being worn, didn’t fit right or suit my day to day lifestyle aka #mumlife. I’m like a magpie..I love bold prints and patterns and when I see something I love, I buy it! I dress in whatever makes me feel good, and when it comes to casual clothes or basics..I tend to wear my partners clothes. Finding clothes that I could throw together without a thought was becoming a struggle, because everything I owned just clashed. The idea of a capsule wardrobe for me was to buy clothing that could be worn with anything. Think neutral colours, timeless and simple styles , with a hint of bohemian. Below I will share some tips and tricks that really helped me create a minimal wardrobe that suits my style.

Tips for starting a capsule wardrobe 

  • Cull anything that you haven’t worn in the last few months.  Anything that didn’t get worn more than a few times last season, is out of shape, and anything that you just don’t see yourself! (Or sell your clothing and put the money towards new pieces for your capsule wardrobe).
  • Make a list of all the items you own after your cull , and then list what you need more of in your wardrobe- Bottoms, casual tops, pants, cardigans, jackets etc
  • Do your research. Pinterest has so many great ideas for capsule wardrobes. Here are just a few links to get you motivated.
  • Bohemian Capsule Wardrobe
  • Step by Step guide on how to start a capsule wardrobe
  • 9 piece capsule wardrobe
  • Choose a colour scheme- Go through your wardrobe and look at what colours you own the most of.. I owned a lot of black, white & denim. I also wanted to add a few on trend colours in to my wardrobe for summer (Pinterest again is a lifesaver for ideas).
  • Your capsule wardrobe should suit your budget. You don’t need to invest in items that will break the bank if that isn’t what suits your budget. Asos has great quality basic packs at bargain prices, and Glassons have items that have lasted in my wardrobe for a good few years !
  •  You could also wait for the end of season sales and get great bargains on high quality garments (This is my aim for the end of summer).
  • Decide on a number of items that you’re comfortable with, and when buying new clothing always make sure to remove an item when purchasing another.

My Summer/ Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

In my capsule wardrobe I have 38 items :

  • x 2 Jackets
  • x 1 cardigan
  • x 6 tops
  • x 3 singlets
  • x 3 shorts
  • x 4 jeans/ pants
  • x 7 dresses
  • x 1 playsuit
  • x 2 jerseys
  • x 2 sandals
  • x 4 heels
  • x 2 casual shoes
  • x 1 boots

These do not include ” base items” like lingerie, active wear or sleepwear. If you want to know more about base items, you can read about it here . Each item can be dressed up or worn casually, and as you can see I have more dresses than anything else. This is because I had major surgery a few weeks ago, which has left me unable to wear anything but loose dresses.. And I love a good dress!  I’ve created my wardrobe to suit my style and my personal needs, and I love that I can pair any item together without putting too much effort in to it. Here’s some of my favourite pieces of clothing in my capsule wardrobe.

1. Kowtow  Building block singlet dress, 2. Just Jeans  Embroidered denim jacket, 3. Gypsy Pirate  Tank Tee, 4. Forever New  High waist shorts, 5. Dotti Panama hat, 6. Converse Dainty ballet slips, 7. O’Neill  Dress, 8. Endless love top from Serendipity Ave , 9. Just Jeans Mid rise jeans.


A capsule wardrobe relies on basics that can be matched together with a range of different items. These are just a few of my favourite local sites who have basics to suit all body types/ styles.

  1. Two-Daughters NZ
  2. Kowtow Clothing
  3. Charlotte Lane Clothing

*Special Mention: I am a long time lover and customer of Charlotte Lane Clothing. I love the high quality items that are available, the basics range is beautiful and the layby option is also handy for adding to your capsule wardrobe in a way that suits your budget. I also recently purchased the Secrets and Lies Dress, and I’m obsessed! It has a really flattering fit and can be worn so many different ways.  I have been lucky enough to receive a discount code from Charlotte Lane Clothing to share with you all. The code is outsidethebox and will give you 15% off storewide. Happy Shopping!

Here is the basics range below, available from Charlotte Lane Clothing. These pieces are 100% certified organic cotton designed in Byron Bay by the loveliest husband and wife duo.


Charlotte Lane Secrets and Lies dress



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