Welcome to my blog!

I am 25 years young (soon to be 26) , have two beautiful babes and a wonderful Fiancé . I’m a former primary school teacher who has taken time away from my career to raise my little monkeys. Obsessed with all things beauty and fashion related, Kids décor and DIY projects are my weakness (as well as pinterest hehe). I love Instagram and have two accounts ! For all things child and lifestyle related you can follow me here, and for everything beauty and fashion related you can follow me here.

New to the blog scene, “outsidetheboxnz” is going to be a blog where I will share reviews on all the things I love, as well as many snaps of my wee babes along the way.

Thanks for stopping by,

xo Kristelle


Photo credit : Maia Stockman Photography




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    1. Oh Thank you ! ☺️ If you go to my blog post, at the bottom there should be a little square saying “follow”. Glad you liked my blog, means a lot! Xx


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