Hey parents. Let’s be good to our kids.


A few months ago I saw a post online about a mother who had shaved her daughters hair off because she was always playing with the scissors. She was always trying to cut her own her or cut everything in sight. She shaved her daughter’s hair off because she felt that there was nothing else she could do to stop her little girl for reaching for the scissors. She felt she needed to “teach her a lesson”. There were so many comments in agreement saying “good on you, show her who’s boss”, “she needs to learn” etc The only thing that girl learnt was humiliation that will no doubt haunt her for the rest of her life. She learnt that communication came in the form of punishment, and that her feelings didn’t matter because she was doing something that someone else didn’t agree with. Last week I saw a boy no older than 4 walking out of his driveway, coughing and crying. So visibly upset that he was choosing to walk down the road in the rain. What had made him so upset that he felt the need to escape the one place that was meant to make him feel safe? I watched him for a while before I drove over and stopped the car. I asked if he was okay and he just looked at me with tears in his eyes, shaking his head. In that moment I just wanted to put him in my car and take care of him. I told him to go inside so that he was out of the rain, and said that I hoped he felt better soon. I watched him stand there as I drove off, and I saw the person that was meant to be looking after him just point and laugh. My heart ached for that little boy. Just the other day I was in the mall watching the kids play in the play area. A little boy, younger than my own son ran out crying. He walked around the mall searching for his parents, he was so visibly upset and lost. My partner walked right down to the other side of the mall with him before picking him up and bringing him back to the play area. It had been a good 10 minutes and we couldn’t see anyone who looked like this little boys mum or dad. There was no one distressed searching for their child, in that moment I panicked and thought they’d actually left him there for good. 5 minutes later a dad came out of nowhere and asked what was going on. As we explained to him what had happened, he told us his 11 year old was in the play area.. and then he asked her why she hadn’t been watching her brother, why had her brother run off without her seeing? The mum also came over from the other side of the mall wondering what had happened. These parents had left two of their kids in charge of a toddler and ate where they couldn’t see their children. They didn’t notice their child walking around the mall crying. Not once did they panic or show any worry over what had just happened. I was angry for the daughter who was expected to be play mum, and upset for the little boy who couldn’t find his parents. These moments have played on my mind lately. Small snippets of a child’s life that have reminded me that there are so many kids out there who ARE suffering in ways we couldn’t even imagine. These moments have left me feeling helpless, wishing I could do more for all the kids that are falling through the cracks. The kids that are being taught that they aren’t important enough to come first, to be loved and nurtured in all the ways that they need to be.  As parents we need to love and respect our children. We need to treat them as we would anyone else, we don’t need to “show them who’s boss” or put adult expectations onto them. We may be struggling with our own shit, we may not know how to get out of a bad situation or a vicious cycle, but we need to be strong enough within ourselves to put our children’s needs first. Whatever your journey , wherever you’re life is heading.. please just do your best and be kind to your kids. Love them without bullying them, love and respect their innocence,  and love them so hard that no matter what’s going on in life.. they will get by just knowing that you’re there.



Friday Faves- Off the Shoulder Trend

The off the shoulder trend is everywhere right now. It’s a favorite of mine because its effortless, flattering and provides ultimate comfort. For my Friday faves,  I’m going to share a few pieces on my wish list for Summer, including some styles for the little ones..because matching with mum is always cute right?


  1. Tensel Rah Rah Dress AU $139.95.
  2. Green off the shoulder dress NZ $15.. Bargain!
  3. Majorca off the shoulder top AU $79.95
  4. Odelia off the shoulder dress NZ $69.99.. Currently on Sale for $48.99
  5. Floral off the shoulder blouse NZ $29.99


  1. Zara Lace Trim Dress , NZ $54.99.. Currently on sale for $32.94
  2. Sunshine Somewhere Top AU $49
  3. Frill Yoke Top NZ $39.90
  4. Frill Sleeve Blouse NZ $54.90
  5. Striped Playsuit NZ $89.90

Friday Faves- Beauty on a Budget

I thought I would start my first ever “Friday Favourites” post with some of my must have makeup items. Each product can easily be found in the supermarket or at Farmers, they’re always on sale and the quality is amazing for the price. Hope you enjoy! Comment below with any other affordable makeup items that you love xx

Chi Chi Cosmetics Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick and Brow Pomade

These two gems have been a staple in my makeup routine! I use them daily and love how long lasting they both are. The dip brow pomade is just as good, if not better than my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow. You only need the tiniest amount, and you really need to scrub this off at the end of the day. This retails for $20.99. The Liquid lipstick in the shade “Wild Child” is the perfect everyday colour. It’s long lasting, moisturizing and easy to wear. It retails for $22.99.

Garnier Miscellar Water


This bad gal gets ALL my mascara off and removes any traces of makeup. It prevents this panda eyes in the mornings and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. This retails for $6.99 (125ml) or $13.99 (400ml).

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara


I love this mascara. It’s always on sale and it leaves my lashes looking fuller and longer. It is a pain to get off,  but I find that my garnier miscellar water or rosehip oil usually do the trick. This retails for $26, but can always be found for under $20 at your local supermarket.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous  Foundation


My favourite drugstore foundation ever! I cant fault this product. It makes my skin look flawless, covers well and you only need a small amount. You can build this foundation up and it won’t look like you’ve packed it all on. This retails for around $20.

Australis Cream Contour Kit


If you’re looking for an affordable contour kit that’s easy to use and blends well.. This is the one!  I always contour when I’m wearing Makeup.. Even if it’s just a quick swipe with bronzer. The Australis cream contour kit retails for $27.50 and can be found at Farmers .





Tailor Skincare- My top 3 must haves!


A few weeks ago, I was sent a pack of Tailor minis to try out. The mini pack had the dry cleanse, oil cleanse, hydrate,  moisturizer, balm and the Tailor Masque. I am a long time fan of Tailor Skincare and have purchased their products a few times. I love that everything is made from natural ingredients, and also made right here in New Zealand! The mini packs are a great way to try out each product if you’re new to the Tailor skincare range, and are also great for travelling. As a mother of two, I like to buy good quality products that will last a while. Tailor skin care is quite pricey, but the quality speaks for itself and each product lasts a lot longer than similar products available in supermarkets. Below I will share my top 3 faves and why they are a must have in anyone’s skincare routine.

  1. First up is the Oil Cleanse. The oil cleanse is great for removing makeup and dirt that can get trapped in our skin and pores. This by far is the best oil cleanse that I have used for removing stubborn waterproof mascara, while still being gentle on the eyes. I also really love the smell of this and would recommend this as the first product to try if you haven’t tried tailor skincare before! It doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and is easily removed using a warm face cloth.
  2. Next is the Dry Cleanse. What I love about the dry cleanse is that it can be used every day without leaving your skin dry like an exfoliator normally would. The magic in this product is the betonite clay, and I find that it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. I can’t even explain in words the different kind of “Clean” this product gives my skin, but it does really feel so clear and almost brand new again. My pores have been noticeably smaller as well, which is always something I struggle with skin wise.
  3. The last favourite is the moisturiser.  It’s light, smells great and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. You only need a small amount of this moisturiser so it lasts quite a while. I also love how easy it is to scoop every last drop of moisturiser out of the container!

The packaging of each product is gorgeous. If you are wanting to try Tailor Skincare but don’t know where to start, then these 3 products are what I would recommend trying first. I have oily skin with a few dry patches and these 3 products suit my skin perfectly, they also haven’t caused any breakouts that can usually occur when trying new skincare. Next on my list to try is the new Tailor Serum! You can buy Tailor Skincare from  here. I hope you love these products as much as I do!

xo Kristelle





Engagement Party on a Budget

Cake topper from lovefromseventeen, Napkins from Poproc Parties and Flowers from The Warehouse.

A few weeks ago, my partner and I had our engagement party with close friends. After getting engaged in December, we knew straight away that we wanted to have  a low-cost party with all of our friends,  we definitely wanted to hire a venue and a kick ass cake was a MUST HAVE.

All together we spent $408 for our party. We had an amazing time with our friends, the venue was perfect for us and took a lot of the stress away from planning and organising everything. Budget and time management are always big stress factors for me, and for this party I really wanted to relax as much as possible.  Below I will share some tips on how we kept costs (and stress levels) down and what helped us stay on track with our budget.

  1. PLAN:  First, decide who you will be inviting to your party and how much you are wanting to spend. We wanted to invite the “younger” members of our family and our close friends (Sorry Fam !), this was because we really just wanted to have a big rave with everyone :D. We also didn’t want to spend anymore than $450 including venue hire.
  2. SHOP AROUND: If you are planning a party in advance, its always good to shop around or purchase specific items you are wanting when they are on sale. I grabbed our napkins from here and cake topper from here when they had sales on as I knew these were things I already wanted when planning our party. We also paid for things bit by bit so that it didn’t feel as though we had spent that much in the end!
  3. INVITES: We invited everyone through Facebook, it was free and also made it easy to manage who was coming, share information and remind everyone of our event. We gave a few weeks notice so that everyone had time to RSVP, and give us a fair idea ofhow many people would be attending etc. There are also loads of ideas for personal invites online (by that, I mean Pinterest) if sending out invitations is what you prefer.
  4. VENUE: Look around and see what venues best suit your budget, and what deals are on offer as well. We weren’t fussed about decorating the venue and just wanted something nice and simple . We had our engagement party at our local sports club. Drinks were discounted and we signed up to become members, meaning we only paid $70 to join and hire the venue. We also paid to hire two bar staff for the night which came to $195 for 4 hours.
  5. FOOD: Provide snacks and easy to prepare foods instead of a meal. We provided cake, snacks and pizzas to keep everyone fed and happy.. and we also knew that realistically everyone would want to drink rather than eat.
  6. FAMILY & FRIENDS : Say YES to offers of help. We had some amazing family and friends who offered to help. My sister in law made our AMAZING cake, my wonderful friend did my makeup, and we had plenty of helping hands through out the night.
  7. OVERALL : Enjoy yourself and have fun! Everyone is at your party to celebrate with YOU the host, they’re not going to be bothered with how many balloons you have hanging up, and what you did or didn’t provide etc. Host an event that is as stress free as possible xx


Our stunning cake! I found inspo for this on pinterest.


Glam Makeup by @facesbypilky


Dress from Glassons, Shoes from The Iconic



Managed to grab Fiancé for a quick photo that night 😀
End of the night group photo


GIVEAWAY !! I am doing a giveaway of $30 store credit  from lovefromseventeen . Head over to my Facebook or Instagram  for more information xx

Nude by Nature Pro Brush Collection- Event and Review.

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Nude by Nature event show casing the new Pro Brush Collection that they have come out with recently, at this event they shared the goal and vision is for this new line of brushes. I learnt so much and will share a bit about the brand, their new brush collection and what I think of the brushes I have tried so far.

The Brand

Nude By Nature is committed to creating natural and cruelty free products for the everyday woman. Their makeup brushes are made from high quality, natural fibres and claim to give precision, control, as well as provide a flawless finish. They understand that women are more informed about makeup these days, and tend to know what they like, what they want and what they need. With this in mind, Nude by Nature has designed their products to suit everyone and their own personal knowledge. Along with brushes, Nude by Nature also sells mineral powders, foundation, concealer, bronzers and primers which can all be found here or at your local Farmers NZ.

The brushes

The Pro brush collection consists of the Concealer brush, Liquid foundation brush, Contour brush, Finishing brush, Angled blush brush, Kabuki brush, Buffing brush, Mineral brush and the Travel brush. We were given this collection at the event and it came with a lovely travel set case. I really like that Nude by Nature aims to inform women about these brushes and isn’t just trying to sell a product to everyone and anyone.

From left to right: Mineral brush, Finishing brush, Buffing brush, Kabuki brush, Foundation brush, Concealer brush, Contour brush, Angled blush brush and the Travel brush.


The Event

At the event we had the pleasure of meeting Owen Allison, an amazing makeup artist who gave us tips and tricks on how to use each brush from the new collection, some of which I will share with you later on. Here are a few photos from the event that was held at the Pah homestead Art gallery in Auckland. It was a beautiful setting and a perfect spot for a makeup event.


FullSizeRender (2)
Liz Reilly introducing the event.

Owen Allison sharing his tips on the concealer brush.
Makeup artists at work, sharing tips on bronzing the skin.

The lovely models and makeup artist.
Nude by Nature product stand.



Favourite Brushes

So far, I have tried the buffing brush, contour brush, kabuki brush and the concealer brush. I’m really impressed with these brushes! They are EXTREMELY soft, they blend everything beautifully and really do give a flawless appearance. The prices range from $19.95 to $34.95 each and most brushes are multi-purpose so you don’t need to buy the whole set, you only buy what works for you.

These brushes are available exclusively at Farmers NZ, and there will be a “petting zoo” available. This is a little brush station that allows you to touch and feel each brush, test them out a bit and make a more informed decision on which brushes you prefer. In my next post I will share my personal opinions on each brush and which brushes I would recommend to anyone unsure of where to start when it comes to the types of brushes that suit their lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed this and remember to check in next week for a further review on the Nude by Nature Pro Brush Collection xx

Pineapple Heads- No baddies allowed! 

As a mum, I’m always looking for natural products that are child friendly. The Pineapple Heads range ticks all the boxes when it comes to skin and hair care! Not only is everything made from natural ingredients, but each product smells amazing.. The kids leave the bath smelling like tropical fruit and lollies 😁.
Products that are available in this range include : Shampoo, conditioner, detangler, bodywash, bubble bath, sleepy head bubble bath, hair gel, hair wax and a cute little bed time story.

Not only am I a sucker for cute packaging, but I also love anything that smells eatable! In this post I will do a quick review on two products that I have been using over the past 5 weeks, how they have worked for us and what we love about them.

Devo Body Wash 

– Smells like Mango and Papaya (or as my daughter would say- LOLLIES!).

– Doesn’t lather up too much, and you only need a small amount at a time.

– Gentle on the eyes

– Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

– Prevents rashes and irritation, great for sensitive skin!

– Cleans everything quickly and easily..especially things like paint and felt markers (no need for scrubbing here!).

– Retails at $16.99 (NZD) for 375ml.

Peaches Conditioner 

-Has a yummy lemon scent.

-Leaves hair feeling super smooth and smelling delicious.

– Gets rid of knots and makes brushing easier after bath time.

– Great for sensitive scalps and helps prevent itching.

– Makes your hair feel like “mermaid hair” (wise words from a 3 year old).

– Retails at $15.95 (NZD) for 250ml.

Overall Opinion 

All together, I paid $38.40 (including shipping) for the bodywash and conditioner and felt this was quite a lot to pay for two products! But after 5 weeks of using these, there’s still loads of product left, my daughters skin no longer gets itchy and irritated and the kids always smell so delicious after every bath. Compared to other natural brands like eco store, I find that you get a generous amount of product in each container,and end up saving money as you’re using less product.

If your children have sensitive skin, or you are wanting a more natural range of skin care and hair care, I would highly recommend Pineapple Heads! You can order online from www.pineappleheads.co.nz


“Talk Beauty NZ” Bloggers Event.

 Yesterday I attended a beauty bloggers event called “Talk Beauty NZ”, it was the first beauty event I’ve ever been to and I loved meeting new bloggers from around the country. The event was organised by the lovely Brittany, and there were some amazing sponsors and ladies there with a wealth of knowledge and tips to share with us. We learnt hair tips, beauty tips and were introduced to products we hadn’t heard of before. 

The venue was gorgeous , the bloggers were all so lovely and the goodie bags were AMAZING!! Below I have shared some photos of the event and what we received, I had a fantastic time and made so many new friends. I would highly recommend this event to any beauty lovers out there and will definitely be attending next year! If you want to see more of the event you can see updates here





The goodie bags
We were so lucky to receive products from some amazing companies. Below I have posted what we got in our goodie bags and will be reviewing these as I get through them! Thankyou so much to all the wonderful contributors and sponsors xx


10 Minute Makeup Routine.

Life with two kids is chaotic enough, once you have them dressed and ready, there’s usually just enough time to chuck some clothes on and head out the door.
Lately I have been doing this 10 minute makeup routine in the morning while the kids are playing together after breakfast. Here I will share with you what I use for “natural” looking makeup, what products I use and why.

1. NARS sheer glow foundation– I either use a beauty blender or my fingers with this one . Quickest way to blend and this product is really easy to apply. It gives a really natural look but can be built up for more coverage.

2. MAC pro longwear concealer- Again I blend under my eyes and over any problem areas using my ring finger. I love how easy this concealer is to blend, and it covers my under eye circles like nothing else!

3. Benefit “Gimme Brow”- I use this to fill in sparse areas of my brows and keep them looking natural and full. Some days I also use my The Balm Cosmetics “Brow pow” on the ends of my brows and to create a bit more shape.

4.The Balm “Bahama Mama” Bronzer-  I use this as an eyeshadow all over my lids for a bit of definition, nothing fancy just a quick blend and your done!

5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara- By far the BEST mascara I have ever used! I curl my lashes with an eyelash curler and pop some of this on for super thick and long lashes.

6. Blac Cosmetics “Golden Glow” Highlighter-One amazing product that you must always use is a highlighter! It creates a fresh, glowing look.. Adds dimension to your face and brightens up your whole eye area. I add highlighter in the corner of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and over my cheekbones. It’s definitely a must have in my makeup bag.

7. Lipstick or gloss- I tend to go for neutral shades like MAC “Twig”, or “Velvet Teddy” as they go with any look. Here I am wearing an Elf Matte Lip colour in the shade “Tea Rose”. It’s a nice neutral shade with a hint of purple to it.

8. Native Rituals Hydrating Makeup Fix- This is the last step in my makeup routine, and it sets my makeup in place all day.


I hope you enjoyed my makeup routine, below I have listed some amazing drugstore alternatives to the makeup listed above. They are just as great, at a fraction of the price and can be found here. The Collection Cosmetics Concealer can be found here.


1. Covergirl “Ready Set Gorgeous” Foundation.
2. Collection Cosmetics Concealer.
3. Loreal Brow artist Plumper.
4. Milano illuminating face powder in the shade “Hermosa Rose”.
5. NYX Makeup Setting Spray.

Benefit Gimme Brow Review


Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with beautifully full brows, they have always been light and the over plucked brow trend back in my younger days didn’t do them any good either. I’m always looking for new brow products that will make filling in my brows easier and quicker, You name it I’ve tried it!

I decided to try the Benefit Gimme Brow, and when I first got it I was a bit disappointed with the size of it. For the price you pay, it is tiny! Here is a photo of it next to a MAC lipstick.

benefit gimme brow1

Apart from the size, this product is actually amazing. It’s a brow mascara that fills in the sparse areas of my brows and makes them look natural and full. The brush is small and makes it really easy to create the precise shape that you want. I love that you can build volume by applying more layers, and it wont make your brows clumpy. It only takes a few minutes in the morning to do my brows with the Benefit Gimme Brow, and I like to use an angled brow brush to give my brows shape and even out any extra product. Take note, this brow product doesn’t brush your brow hairs into place, it only fills them in. You would also need to use brow gel on stray hairs. I haven’t used any other brow products since purchasing this because it is the quickest way to do my brows.

Here are a few before and after photos of my brows using the Benefit Gimme Brow, this only took a quick 5 minutes and they stayed like this all day! I use the shade “medium/deep” and would definitely recommend this product to those who are wanting a quick and easy way to fill in their brows.

browsbeforebrowsbefore2brows after

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for my next brow post which will show my brow routine and a few other affordable brow products that I like to use xo